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93% failed this SUPREME challenge.

Have you always considered that your mind has no limits? Put your vision and each of your senses to the test with a challenge that has gone viral on social media. Why? Because of its extreme complexity, only 7% of participants found the answer.

Can you spot the hidden subject?

Today’s challenge is based on a famous illustration. Its great success is due to its ability to hide elements inside other elements. A kind of “magic” for our eyes, can you beat this fascinating trick? It’s time to find out.

Recuerda que solo 7 de cada 100 personas han podido superar este reto extremo. | Fuente: Acertijos y pluzzes.

Your mission is to find the character hidden in the picture. Do you want a clue? It is a famous warrior in the Asian culture. You will have only 5 seconds to try to give the right answer. Ready? Start the clock!

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93% failed miserably

Time out! The clock has already reached zero. Did you run out of time? Remember, you can try again, but you won’t be able to boast that you were one of the selected 7% who managed to solve it. This is the big “secret” of the picture.

In order to identify the hidden subject, you will have to – literally – turn your head. Turn the picture and you will clearly see a samurai with his legs crossed and his typical costume. Surprised? It’s just a matter of practice!

¡Era un samurái! Para el ojo humano común, se trata de un detalle casi imperceptible. | Fuente: Acertijos y puzzles.

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