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Are you a good observer? Prove it by completing this challenge in 8 seconds

Today, we propose you to take a visual challenge to have fun, but also to stimulate your brain. This one will surely seem difficult at first, but in truth, you will just have to concentrate and look at all the details to succeed. Open your eyes wide because it’s time to start. We wish you good luck!

What is today’s challenge?

Considered by the Internet users as an extreme challenge, this one will call upon your visual abilities. For this, we will present you with an illustration on which there will be a young dancer giving a small show in front of an audience. The fact is that on the picture, she will not be alone since she will have a partner. But the latter will be very well hidden. You will have understood it: your objective is to locate the young man and you will have only eight (8) seconds to find him.

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What is the interest of doing an online visual test?

It is important to know that the visual challenges areexcellent exercises for concentration and the eyes. In the first instance, this kind of test will help to check whether or not you have concentration problems or if you have visual problems. And secondly, the visual tests will help you to minimize these possible problems. Therefore, not only will you find out if you need to seek professional help, but these challenges will also help you improve your visual skills and focus. In addition, visual tests are very fun and entertaining. They can also help you relax or pass the time.

The 8 seconds are up. It’s time to give the solution!

How long did it take you to find the young man? If you found him in eight (8) seconds, then we congratulate you! You are a keen observer! Your skills are impressive!

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For those who haven’t figured it out, don’t worry. We’ll explain it all to you. Maybe you looked in the audience or behind the curtains? No, the young man was on stage, hiding in the background. In fact, he was right in front of you. Do you see the cloud on the right of the dancer? He has eyes, a nose and a mouth: he was hidden there! To help you understand better, here is the solution in pictures.


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