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Are you able to decipher body gestures? Only 2 out of 10 people find the right answer!

The test of the day is a confrontation on the two genders. The body gesture of one of these men can determine if he is interested in a woman or not. By the way, did you know that men have a bigger brain than women? In fact, it is 8 to 13% bigger than a woman’s. But beware, a bigger brain does not mean being smarter. In today’s test, you will have to use your intelligenceWhether you are a man or a woman.

Which man repels the woman according to the way he behaves?

Today’s test is a test of analysis and reasoning. It will be necessary to use one’s logic and to know some basic notions of human behavior. Indeed, the body can speak and gestures can have a very precise interpretation. For example, the fact that you don’t look your interlocutor in the eyes means that you don’t have confidence in yourself.

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This test is for everyone, both men and women. It is particularly interesting for womenbecause they will learn a lot about men today. To pass this visual test, you must examine the image carefullyt to determine who is not interested in a woman.


You have three men with different postures. Each of them can mean something specific. These gestures can indicate many things, such as self-confidence, fear, empathy, pride, in short, so many possible emotions.

Did you find the character?

Although you are not a psychologist or an expert in human behavior, you can very easily determine who is not open to a relationship.

The solution to the test

You don’t have the answer? Don’t worry, we’ll give it to you by explaining each gesture of the characters.

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1 – The man with his hands on his waist. In this context, this posture indicates that the man is interested in the woman, but is challenging her. The challenge is to be able to seduce him. This posture also indicates that he is available, but that he wants to keep control of the situation.

2 – The man holding his tie. This man indicates that he is open to a relationship, but by holding his tie, he shows that he lacks confidence. The woman has every chance of seducing him.

3 – The man sitting with his feet crossed. This last character clearly shows that he is not interested in the woman. Sitting still already means a lot, but by crossing his feet he makes it clear that he has no interest in the woman.

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