find the glasses hidden among the vegetables.

Improve your mental and visual abilities through the tests we offer. For this puzzle, we ask you to find a particular thing in a pile of vegetables. Try to find the object with us and see what you have to do. Nothing could be easier as this time we ask you to find a pair … Read more

find the 7 differences in these pictures of penguins

Visual tests are numerous and they are a great way to probe your eye abilities as well as your speed. With this picture, let’s discover the degree of your visual acuity and the facet of your personality. Keep in mind that many people have not been able to solve this visual riddle. For this time, … Read more

You have 8 seconds to find 3 times SO! The test that makes the buzz

Recently, our new observation test has made the buzz on social networks Find the word “SO” three times in an image filled with hundreds of “DONG” words. It sounds easy, but test your observation skills in this visual test you will be surprised! Here is the image of the test The principle is very simple: … Read more

What do you see first? Discover your biggest problem now.

Personality tests were designed to bring out certain facets of our character. According to many studies, our perception is directly related to our personality. This is the principle of the test we are going to propose to you today. The problem you are experiencing right now will depend on how you see things around you. … Read more