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Brain teaser: Test your IQ and find the value of each fruit in 20 seconds max!

See if you can crack the code of this brain teaser! Put your IQ to the test and find the value of each fruit in 20 max. You know you can do it – give it a try!

Are you up for a challenge? Test your logic and reasoning skills with this brain-teaser. The statement of the problem is summarized in the picture below – can you figure out what the value of each fruit is?

Logic and thinking tests like this one are not only fun, but can also be great for keeping your mind sharp. As you work through the problem, take your time and think carefully about each step.

With a bit of practice and patience, you’ll be able to find the solution in no time!

Solving a fruity challenge – Easy level

We are presented with a challenge in which we have to solve three equations where certain numbers are replaced by fruits – banana, grape and kiwi.

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The challenge is of an easy level, and the goal is to determine the value of each fruit. To solve this challenge, we need to first identify the equations, then substitute the fruits with their corresponding values and solve the equations.

This task may seem intimidating at first, but with a bit of practice and focus, it can be solved with ease.

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In order to find the value of each fruit, it is necessary to train your brain. Training your logical mind can help you to think logically and systematically, allowing you to make decisions based on the facts in front of you.

By developing your logical thinking skills, you can better analyze problems, identify patterns and relationships, and develop creative solutions.

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In addition, training your brain can help you become better at problem solving, recognizing cause and effect relationships and understanding complex concepts.

All of these skills are important when it comes to finding the value of each fruit.

Have you found the solution? If so, let’s see if you got it right! Click next to check your answer!

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