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Brain teaser: Test your IQ by solving this math problem in 45 max!

Are you up for a challenge? Prove your math skills and solve this math problem in 45 seconds max!

Test your logic and thinking skills with this stimulating mathematical challenge. Can you solve the last equation? The statement of the problem is summarized in the picture below – are you up for the challenge?

Logic and thinking tests like this one have been used for centuries as a way to measure problem-solving ability and boost cognitive function. So take a moment, focus your mind and see if you can crack this conundrum!

Solving a medium-level puzzle

The challenge is to solve a medium-level puzzle wherein equations are represented by objects like a balloon, a fan and a watch. You need to find the value of each object in less than 45 seconds.

It is important to remember that this challenge is of a medium level and requires some time and effort to solve it. To successfully complete the challenge, you need to have good knowledge of basic mathematics and quick analytical thinking skills.

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As you progress, you will be able to increase the speed with which you can solve the puzzle and eventually become an expert at it.

In order to solve the last equation, it is important to train your logical mind. It is not enough to just rely on inspiration or luck. In fact, training your brain can help you to become more analytical and creative in your problem solving.

With practice, you will be able to develop an understanding of how equations work and how to reach a logical solution. You will also be able to think more quickly and efficiently when presented with difficult problems.

By training your brain, you can become an expert at finding solutions, no matter how complicated the equation may seem.

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Have you found the solution yet? If not, don’t worry—you can check your work on the next page! Let’s see if you’ve cracked the code!

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