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Can you find the 12 hidden animals? You have 10 seconds to question your vision

Visual quizzes have become a big attraction on the Internet, and why? Because thanks to their fun dynamics, they allow users to test each of their senses in just a few seconds. Today’s visual challenge has “paralyzed” social networks. Can you handle it?

Find the 12 hidden animals

The following image has been making the rounds in cyberspace, as very few users managed to solve it in the allotted time: only 10 seconds! It may not seem like much, but the brightest minds managed to beat it even faster. Can you set another record?

Algunos son más visibles que otros, así que no confíes en las apariencias. | Fuente: iStock.

This illustration shows a group of people cleaning up one of the biggest natural attractions in the area. There are all kinds of trash around, but also a total of 12 small animals hidden in different parts of the image. Ready to prove that you are a gifted person?

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Time out! The clock is already at zero. You can try again, but remember that you will no longer be part of the unique and select group of special intellects who managed to beat it the first time. Not sure of your answers? Relax! We’ll show you each one here.

As we told you, some animals were more visible than others. While you can make out the full silhouette of some of them in the illustration, others are silhouettes formed within other elements. Corroborate your results with the resolved image.¿Cansado de seguir buscando sin éxito? Here you can see the exact location of each one.

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