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can you find the 3 differences between these 2 images in 30 seconds?

The test of the day is a visual exercise. It features the tooth fairy and the tooth fairy. We have a little anecdote that few people know about teeth. Did you know that mosquitoes have 47 teeth and snails have 25 teeth? A fact that is not well known and that seems crazy for small insects. In the exercise of the dayit will not be necessary to count the number of teeth, but the differences between the two images which are presented to you.

Test your visual perception by finding the differences between these two images

This challenge will test your ability to distinguish details. Take the time to look carefully at these two images side by side to find any differences, even subtle ones. Pay attention and focus to pass this test.

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Before starting the game, remember that you have 30 secondsnot one more, to find the 3 differences. Although these images may look identical at first glance, only the most attentive eyes will be able to spot the differences. This test is easy and can be done with family or friends.

To find the details, feel free to zoom in or enlarge the image, it will be easier. Indeed, the differences can be minimal and a zoom is necessary. You can also use all the means at your disposal to find the errors, even a magnifying glass. Now that you have all the tips, we will start the timer.

The differences you had to discover

This test may not have been so easy given the time limit, but we think you’ve managed it. If you think you found all the differences, check the results below to confirm it. If you were not successful, take the time to check what you missed. Don’t be discouraged, it can happen to anyone.

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Some differences were immediately apparent, while others were more discreet. But with a keen eye, they can be easily spotted, here is the solution in picture :


The first detail was at the level of of the teeth. Take a closer look: they are not visible on the second picture.

The second detail was the hand which is not the same on the second illustration. The details of the fingers have been faded.

Finally, the tail could also have jumped to your eyes. The color is not the same in the second image.

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