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can you find the 5 differences?

Do you want to measure the speed and agility of your mind? Visual challenges are the best option to “activate” our brain and engage each of our senses 100%. Today’s optical test was only passed by 9% of its participants. Can you join this select group?

Compare the images and find the 5 differences

Here are two illustrations that, to the average human eye, look exactly alike. The reality is that there are 5 almost imperceptible details that only the brightest minds are able to detect in a matter of seconds. Ready to go? ¡Hora de ejercitar la mente! Tienes 7 segundos para encontrar cada una de las diferencias. | Fuente: Twitter Acertijos y pluzzles.

Look carefully at each of the images and quickly point out the 5 differences between them. You will have to put aside all distractions and put all your concentration on today’s mission. You will only have 7 seconds to do this. Let’s get started!
91% of participants failed

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Stop! Your 7 seconds are up. We can give you 3 more seconds, but if you take longer, you will not be able to consider yourself part of the select group of “gifted” people who did not need another chance to identify the 5 differences required by the challenge.

Still looking without success? Don’t worry! It will give you a “good” headache if you don’t stop. Take a breath and compare the answers you got with the resolution we will share in the next paragraph. Stop torturing yourself and compare what you found.

Corrobora tus respuestas con la solución exclusiva que te ofrece tu Diario Líbero. | Fuente: Twitter Acertijos y pluzzles.

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