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Can you find the missing piece? Very difficult challenge!

Test your intelligence and analytical skills with this puzzle.

Today’s test will test your observation and deduction skills. You will surely have fun trying to find the missing piece to complete the picture. Good concentration and visual acuity are required to solve this puzzle.

Puzzle presentation: find the missing piece

Visual puzzles are a good way to know the quality of your vision. Solving this type of puzzle will then affirm the fact that you are a great observer with a remarkable sense of analysis. This puzzle is also perfect for sharpening your mind, relaxing you and reducing your stress.

Today’s challenge presents you with a puzzle with a missing shape in the middle. We suggest different shapes that may fit. Your objective will be to choose among them the piece that will be able to slip on the missing part to complete the image.

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This puzzle has no time limit for its solution. You can think about the solution as long as you want. However, a quick solution to this puzzle will prove that your abilities are superior.

Tips to help you

At first glance, this puzzle seems difficult because of the complexity of the image. In addition, the shape to be filled in seems to bring an extra difficulty. To succeed in this challenge, you must use your visual ability and your observation skills.

Take time to observe the image and shape you need to fill in before making a choice. If it helps, you may also want to stand in a quiet place. Consider eliminating any source of commotion and distraction that might get in the way.

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Puzzle answer: find the missing piece

Were you able to find the missing piece to complete the image? If so, we congratulate you. This shows that you are very good at visual test games and that you are a meticulous person who really cares about detail. Feel free to test your visual and cognitive skills by trying to solve other tests.

The answer to this visual riddle is now available. If you look closely at the image, you can see that the missing piece that could complete the image is the part number 5.


If you failed, don’t be discouraged. Finding the right missing piece was not easy. Perhaps this puzzle is too difficult for you, or perhaps you lacked concentration. To get used to this kind of test, you can take other easier challenges. You can also invite your friends, family or colleagues to take the challenge for a fun time.

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