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Can you find the monster hiding in the little girl’s room in 10 seconds?

Do you have some time to spare? Use it to have some fun with this test. You can also use it to stimulate your brain and train your observation skills!

Visual test: “Where are the monsters hiding in the girl’s room?”

Do you know the animation Monster and Company ? This is the story of two monsters that come to scare children by landing in their rooms at night to collect their screams, their main source of energy. In the visual test of the day, you will also face monsters.

In the image below, a mother is scolding her daughter for calling her just because of a simple nightmare. Only, the little girl is telling the truth. The monsters that have been hiding in the girl’s room are real. Your challenge is then to find this monster to prove that the girl is not lying! You have 10 seconds.

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Your 10 seconds start now!

The right answer

The 10 seconds are up! How did you get through it? Did you stay focused throughout your search?

Now it’s time to tell you the solution to the riddle.

The solution

Here is the answer in the image below:


Did you find the right answer? Congratulations! Did you know that only 10% of the Internet users passed this test? And you are one of them! You are a meticulous and observant person, no doubt!

If you haven’t managed to solve this visual puzzle, don’t be discouraged. Remember, you can always improve your skills. How? By regularly stimulating your brain and senses with visual puzzles and brain challenges.

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