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Can you find the tennis ball and the butterfly hidden in this picture? Only the best can do it!

In this very relaxing image that describes an old woman and her little boy, you have to find a tennis ball and a butterfly.

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Train your eye to detect details by spotting lost elements

This test is a hobby that can be very popular for children and adults. It is a game that helps develop your visual acuity, but also your logic. In this picture, all you have to do is find a hidden tennis ball and butterfly. Easy to say, the game may seem simple, but it requires great attention to detail and good observation skills.

This game is not only a fun challenge for players, but it can also help develop concentration and your intuition. By playing this type of game regularly, you will be better able to notice the subtle details in everyday life.

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The first challenge of the game is to locate the most likely places where the tennis ball and butterfly may be hidden. You must carefully examine the image, looking for patterns, colors, or shapes that might reveal the location of the hidden objects. Be careful, these elements may blend in with the background elements. You will need to be very perceptive and have an open mind.


Did you find the hidden objects? Congratulations! You have successfully met the challenge. This shows that you have great observation skills.

Otherwise here is the solution in pictures:


If you were not successful in finding the hidden ball and butterfly, don’t be discouraged! It is important to remember that the ability to spot small details is a skill that can be developed through practice and drill.

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