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Can you find the toaster? You have 7 seconds to show your superior intelligence.

Optical challenges have become an Internet sensation thanks to their ability to engage all of our senses with fun and tricky dynamics. For example, today’s viral test had 96% of its participants fail. Can you tell the difference?

Find the toaster

This time we present a visual challenge that has been trending in recent days on social networks. It is a test that will test both your eyesight and your mind, as it contains a multitude of similar elements that you will have to distinguish in just a few seconds.

El reto de esta semana ha dado la vuelta al mundo. ¿Podrás demostrar a todos tu alto nivel de IQ? | Fuente: Daily Mail.

What does it consist of? As you can see, the illustration contains hundreds of very similar suitcases, but of different colors and shapes. Your mission is to find the toaster hidden in the picture. You will have only 7 seconds to pass today’s test, so are you ready? Concentrate as much as you can!

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The clock is already ticking! Think that’s too little time? Average minds need 43 seconds to find the answer. But if you really want to measure your intelligence, you should have a maximum limit of 10 seconds. Did you get it right? Here you can compare your answer.

Challenge Solution:

One of the clues that will have helped you identify the toaster is a piece of toast. Almost in the middle, and at the top of the image, is the object in question. The average human eye is not able to spot it in time, are you good?

Tranquilo! Deja en paz a tu mente y coteja tu resultado con la solución que Líbero te ofrece. | Fuente: Daily Mail.

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