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Can you spot the hidden cat? Only the highest IQ people found it in 5 seconds.

Did you think you saw a “cute kitten”? Today’s visual challenge is one of the most acclaimed on social media. Why? Because only a handful of people managed to find the hidden cat in a matter of seconds. Can you be crowned king of the ultimate challenge?

Find the hidden cat

The following image is from a classic picture book by author Nick Hayes, where various elements are hidden in what look like simple drawings. This page has gone viral on the Internet and people are desperately looking for the answer.

Las ratas huyen porque hay un gato escondido. ¿Lo puedes notar? ¡Inténtalo! | Fuente: Nick Hayes.<br><br>

You only have 5 seconds to find the cat hidden in the illustration. Those who succeeded didn’t need more time. As we told you, only the people with the highest IQs succeeded. Can you be part of this select group?

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Still trying? Time’s up! You can spend hours in front of the screen, but only a clear and fresh mind can find it in seconds. The average human eye is not able to detect the figure in time.

To show you that we are not kidding you, we will show you where the feline is. You must sharpen your eyes and fix your attention on the negative branches. In the middle of them you can see the silhouette of a cat walking: its four legs, head and tail.

The image is part of a book of illustrations and has gone viral on social networks.

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