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Count all the 7s hidden among the Zs and prove you’re smart!

Did you know that it is possible to improve your IQ by practicing tests and thinking exercises ? Indeed, just as the muscles of the body develop with regular exercise, stimulating your brain more often also allows it to develop and strengthen. It is then time to awaken your senses and muscle your neurons. Challenge yourself in this concentration test.

Visual test: “How many 7s are hidden in this series of letter Zs?”

Today’s visual test is a perfect exercise that requires a lot of thought, concentration and observation. That’s why this visual puzzle is an effective way to measure your intelligence. Are you still up for it? Then read the following instructions before you start.

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Below, you will find a picture with a sequence of letters Z. Look carefully at this picture and try to find the letter Z in it. find all the hidden numbers 7. There is not only one, so concentrate as much as you can. If you manage to find them all in record time, it will prove your intelligence. It’s up to you!


IQ test : the right answer

The difficulty in this observation test is that the number 7 and the letter Z are almost identical. In this image, they are also the same color, difficult to distinguish them. You had to use your visual acuity to do this. So, how many numbers 7 did you find?

If you found all the numbers 7, it means you were able to control your vision and pay enough attention in this image. You definitely have sharp vision. Congratulations! You’ve just proved that you are a smart person!

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Did you fail? Don’t worry, you can always make up for it on the next IQ test by practicing more regularly.

The solution

In this series of letter Z were hidden in fact 17 digits 7. Look at the solution in the image below.


Don’t forget to challenge your friends and family with this visual test by sharing the link with them. They can also check their intelligence levels. And if you have enough time for another challenge, go to our site. You will find many fun IQ tests to stimulate and exercise your brain.

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