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Did you think you saw a cute kitten? Only a brilliant mind can complete this challenge in 4 seconds.

Today’s challenge is one of the most popular among netizens because of its fun dynamics and challenging mission. Do you think you’re clever enough to overcome it in less time than expected?

Where is the cat?

The following image hides a detail that is almost imperceptible to the ordinary human eye: among the multitude of buildings you can see, a small cat is hidden. You’ll need to focus all your attention on the illustration to overcome this visual challenge for the sharpest minds.

Si crees tener una vista única, no tendrás problemas para superar el desafío EXTREMO de hoy. | Fuente: Twitter Acertijos y pluzzles.

You will only have 4 seconds to find the answer. Doesn’t that sound like enough? The people with the highest IQs didn’t need more chances. You can take a few more moments, but keep in mind that you will not be considered among the winners of the viral challenge.

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What is your IQ level?

Time out! Still confused? Don’t worry, we warned you that this challenge is not for all mortal minds. Only those with extraordinary vision are able to beat it in the allotted seconds. You can try again, but we’ll also show you the answer below.

Considérate una persona con intelecto superior si lograste superar en el reto en el tiempo establecido. | Fuente: Twitter Acertijos y pluzzles.

Although the abundant amount of construction may overwhelm you, the reality is that in the upper right corner is the terrified kitten waiting to be rescued. He seems to be afraid of heights – hurry up and help him free himself! Share the challenge with your friends to enjoy it as a group.

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