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Difficult level, will you see the raccoon in this picture in 5 seconds?

Are you a visual puzzle fan? Today we offer you an easy level challenge, but one that allows you to judge your observation skills and attention. Can you be called thorough? Win this game to find out!

Visual test: “Where is the raccoon in this kitchen?”

For this visual test, all you have to do is answer the following simple question: “Where is the raccoon hiding?” In the image below, you will then have to carefully study all the nooks and crannies to locate this animal. This is a picture of a large kitchen and it looks like the lady of the house is away for a while.

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Temukan rakun pada gambar dapur di tes IQ kali ini.

Would the raccoon take advantage of this absence to find his snack of the day? You have 5 seconds to find the animal in question! Are you ready? It’s up to you!

Visual Test : The Answer

So, did you find the raccoon before the 5 seconds were up? If not, look at the following image for the solution to the test. Don’t get discouraged. On the contrary, now you know that you need to progress to take on more difficult challenges than this one.


Many people have focused on the little cat in front of the oven. But the raccoon is on the right side of the picture, in the kitchen window. Look closely, he is hiding behind the bag of flour and eggs.

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Jawaban tes IQ dalam menemukan rakun di gambar dapur.

If you have given the right answer, well done! It means that you are alert and that your mind is always on the alert. These are assets that only a good observer with quick thinking can have. If you liked this visual test, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends!

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