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Expert challenge to find the errors between the 2 images.

Each of us has our own interpretation of things and reasoning. If you have an observant mind, it implies that you also have a well-developed intelligence. Difference games are perfect for testing a person’s observation and attention span! That’s what’s in store for you in today’s visual challenge! Take our challenge of the day!

To perform this observation test, you only have to look carefully at the image below. These are 2 identical pictures of a mulberry tree with berries at different stages of ripening. Try to compare these two pictures, as there are several differences between them. There is no time limit, so be sure to concentrate. However, be aware that the longer you take to identify all of them, the lower your skills will be. It’s up to you to play as quickly as possible!

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Observation Test : The answer to the visual challenge

Did you finish spotting all the hidden errors between these two images? How many differences did you find in total? If you found none, or less than 5, it means that you lost, because in reality there are 5 differences in these two images! Were you able to find 5? Compare your answers with the solution below.


The good observers were able to identify these 5 errors that you can see framed in the following image:

Jawaban tes IQ dalam menemukan perbedaan gambar blackberry.

Well done if you have passed this observation test. This implies that you have well-developed visual acuity, an attentive mind and unwavering concentration! If unfortunately you have failed, do not let this test discourage you. On the contrary, you need to pull yourself together and motivate yourself to increase your observation and attention skills. Do not hesitate to visit our site to do all the visual challenges we have to offer. Take the challenges one by one and become an ace in visual and IQ tests. You’ll get there with practice and perseverance!

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