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find the 7 differences in these pictures of penguins

Visual tests are numerous and they are a great way to probe your eye abilities as well as your speed. With this picture, let’s discover the degree of your visual acuity and the facet of your personality. Keep in mind that many people have not been able to solve this visual riddle.

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For this time, you have to find the 7 differences between these penguin pictures. You only have one minute to complete this challenge. Can you do it? Remember that this is a challenge that requires a lot of concentration. That’s why we challenge your patience. Now grab your timer, get your eyes ready and let’s go! See you in a minute. Don’t let distractions get in the way or bother you because you only get one shot.

A clue

Are you there? How many mistakes have you spotted so far? Here’s a little hint to keep you going. The penguin attachments have the most differences. You now have another 20 seconds to find the other discrepancies between these photos. Find out the answers below and see if you have done the test correctly.

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The solutions

1stdifference: You can see in this picture that the little one’s hat on top has a red pompom. Contrary to the one at the bottom which does not have one.

2nd difference: the old penguin who is reaching out is losing his cap and he is wearing it in yellow on the first picture. On the second picture, his cap is green.

3rd difference: the little penguin on the left with an orange sweater is wearing it with lace on the first representation and without lace on the second.

4th difference: the penguin who goes fishing is with a red bait in the first illustration. On the other hand, on the second illustration, his bait is not colored.

5th difference: an individual in the water has a small white part on its plumage on the photo above. At the bottom, it has a completely black plumage.

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6th difference: the penguin who wears a blue collar wears it with a pattern on the first illustration. Indeed, it is dressed a dotted collar in white. However it is not the case on the second image.

7th difference This one is the most complicated. Indeed, the dissimilarity is on the green and yellow scarf of the little penguin on the right. You will see a slight color alteration on this scarf.

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