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Find the gear that will turn the wheel of the bike in this infernal maze

Today’s test is a maze that is out of the ordinary. Speaking of out of the ordinary things, did you know that the largest maze in the world is in California? It’s the Servlinks maze in La Pocatière, which covers 301,474 square meters, or the equivalent of 55 soccer fields. It takes no less than 24 hours to complete. With this test, we leave you only a few seconds to pass it, 20 to be exact. Do you take the challenge?

What is the right chain to take?

This test seems difficult at first glance, but with patience and perseverance, you can do it. Solve this maze is a great way to develop your problem solving and logical thinking skills. So don’t get discouraged and explore the different options until you find the way out.

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Please note that this test has a time limit. For children, however, we will make an exception. They will have all the time they need to finish the game. For adults, on the other hand, they have 20 seconds on the clock.


The real difficulty of this game is to stay focused. The slightest hesitation and you may have to do it all over again. Put yourself in a quiet room. This will help you a lot and use a pencil to determine the direction of the gears.

What is the logic of this particular maze?

This test is a new kind of labyrinth. The principle remains the same: find the exit. However, it is more about finding how to operate the wheel of the bike that should be emphasized.

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We will have to think a little and understand how this gear system works. As a reminder, a gear system allows power to be transmitted from the driving gear to the driven gear. There is a master part and a slave part. The latter receives the power, but minimizes the effort or doubles the power.

Based on this principle, solve this test. Be careful, the stopwatch will be started. You have 20 seconds and not a second more.

The solution

You didn’t manage to turn the wheel? You probably got lost. To know at which level you were blocked, we put the answer of the course in image.


Were you able to cover at least half of the circuit? If so, congratulations! But you still need to make more efforts. On our site we offer you several types of tests of this kind to improve your abilities.

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