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find the glasses hidden among the vegetables.

Improve your mental and visual abilities through the tests we offer. For this puzzle, we ask you to find a particular thing in a pile of vegetables. Try to find the object with us and see what you have to do.

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Nothing could be easier as this time we ask you to find a pair of glasses in this pile of vegetables. We hope you will enjoy this test because the illustration is very colorful. It will be a real pleasure for your eyes and for your brain at the same time. But be careful, you have only 20 seconds to find the hidden glasses. In this case, concentrate well and be rigorous! It is even advisable to find a quiet and comfortable place to put all the chances on your side.

How about a little hint?

This visual test may seem complicated so here’s a little hint. Pay particular attention to the red vegetables. The glasses are well hidden among them. Now, try with 15 more seconds and solve the riddle. By reading the following lines, you will discover the answer to this test. You can also check if your solution is correct.

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The solution

Look to the right side of the picture. The glasses are perfectly hidden in the red vegetables. They are near the carrots. On the top right of the carrots and the pastel green vegetables, the glass of the glasses takes exactly the shape of one of the latter. That’s why it was difficult to discover the glasses at first glance. Did you succeed?

Were you able to find the pair of glasses among the vegetables?

Congratulations! You are one of those people with amazing eyesight. You have an impressive speed in visual matters. Keep it up, you’re on the right track. You will need these unique qualities for the rest of your life and especially in what you do. Know that you can test your limits by tackling even more difficult puzzles.

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Have you not been able to find them?

Don’t worry, many people don’t succeed on their first attempt. Besides, just because you failed this test doesn’t mean you’re any less intelligent than the rest of us. You probably need to practice with our other visual tests. Right now, you can try several challenges and invite your friends and family to play other games on our site.

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