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find the locations of all the blocks so that each straight line contains 6 different signs.

The puzzles have always fascinated children and adults: sudoku, riddles, puzzlesetc. They amuse us and make us proud when we manage to find the right solution. Calling on many skills and qualities, the more difficult the puzzle is, the more it improves many cerebral capacities.

Presentation of the puzzle

This puzzle is perfect to capture your attention in a fun way. It will keep your brain healthy longer while improving your memory.

Its resolution will increase your ability to concentrate even when you are not playing. It is intended to provide you with a distraction from time and everyday life. You will be able to relax while reducing your anxiety and stress. By focusing on this puzzle, you will be able to start off on the right foot and be more at ease.

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Today’s challenge is a 3D sudoku. The game is different from the classic sudoku, because, here, the grids are not filled with numbers, but with symbols.


If you look closely at the image, you will notice that there are some missing parts. Your task will be to fill in the grid so that each straight line contains 6 different signs. To do this, we suggest you choose among the 8 blocks available.

Start by taking a good look at the picture before making your choice. You can take all the time you want to think about it, because the game has no limits. Concentrate as much as you can to get the right block in the right place. Eliminate all sources of distraction and agitation so that you don’t interfere with your analysis.

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Puzzle Answer

Did you manage to arrange the blocks correctly? You can see in the image below the right way to place all blocks without error.


Congratulations if you managed to make a perfect score. This shows that you have good logic and observation skills. You can try playing more puzzles to sharpen your skills. You can then improve your problem solving and thinking skills.

If you failed, you can try to solve other puzzles, visual tests or other easier IQ tests. With this practice, you will cultivate your patience and perseverance. Indeed, finding the right solution will reward you for all your concentration efforts while teaching your brain one valuable thing: perseverance is worth it. It is a real lesson in life and thinking.

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