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Find the number “280″ among the others in just 10 seconds can you meet this visual challenge?

If you want to get a glimpse of your intelligence level, then you’re in the right place. This test that we are going to offer you today can assess your IQ and find out if you are meticulous. You have 10 seconds to try to solve the riddle, so it’s up to you!

This is a simple challenge. All you have to do is look at the number-filled image below. Then, your task will be to find the number 280 among all these numbers. Be aware that you will have no more than 10 seconds to solve this puzzle. So, make sure you have a stopwatch to avoid going over the time limit. Maximum concentration is required to give yourself the best chance of success. Don’t let external distractions bother you. Keep in mind that you are allowed only one attempt.

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IQ Test Solution

Among the numbers 208 present on the picture, it is almost impossible to find the number 280. Many Internet users were even confused because at first sight, the picture does not contain any intruder. However, if you look carefully, the number 280 is right in front of you. It is located in the third column from the right. Did you find it? If not, now look at the fourth row. Look at the illustration above to get a clearer picture of the solution.

If you have found the number 280

Congratulations! This achievement shows that nothing escapes you. Not only do you have an enormous mental capacity, but you also pay attention to the smallest details. These qualities will serve you well throughout your life. If you liked the test, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and family. Together you can see who could solve the puzzle the fastest.

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If you couldn’t pass the IQ test

Failure is a completely natural situation, but it does not mean that you are less intelligent than other people. If you didn’t do well, it’s probably because you lack practice. We recommend that you take other IQ tests to sharpen your observation and cognitive skills. You can start by taking the less difficult puzzles first.

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