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find the red lipstick in 8 seconds.

Get ready for this EXTREME visual challenge that has been selected as the challenge of the week. Since we know you appreciate a good high complexity challenge, we present you with a high level exercise considered as a real nightmare. Do you think you can solve it in just 8 seconds? Let’s see how you do.

Find the red lipstick in 8 seconds

Welcome to the EXTREME eye test that has been a sensation on social media. Follow the instructions and you’ll be done in no time. We’ll share an image and you’ll have to locate the object we’re asking you to find.

Find the red lipstick in 8 seconds and show your visual acuity and ingenuity. Ready? We start counting to 3… 2… 1 :

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  Emprende una nueva aventura con este reto EXTREMO que debe ser resuelto en 8 segundos | Foto: Genial Guru

Where was the red lipstick?

If you’re reading this, you’re in the final stage of this visual exercise, so this is where you’ll define whether you passed or failed. So this is where you will define whether you have succeeded or failed. Did you accomplish the mission? If so, look below to see where the hidden object was.

Where was the red lipstick? If you paid attention to the details, you’ll notice that behind the cereal box, just above the milk bowl, is the red lipstick we were looking for. Don’t see it yet? See it here:

Solución del reto visual | Foto: Genial Guru

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