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Guess which glass will fill up first. Complete this challenge in less than 20 seconds!

There are many ways to measure your intelligence level. However, we agree that online IQ tests like the one we are going to propose today are the most fun way. Do you agree with us? Then we invite you to put your brain to the test in this logic test. Are you up to the challenge?

Vision Test: “Which glass fills up faster?”

Are you ready? Then here is your challenge. In the following picture, several glasses are connected with a pipe, so that if you run water from the tap, each glass will fill up. There are a total of 7 numbered glasses. Your challenge is to guess which of these glasses fills up first. You deserve to be considered a genius if you can do it in record time!

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While observing the image, use your imagination to visualize the tap water flowing. Watch out for the little traps!

IQ test : the right answer

Still haven’t managed to solve this visual riddle? We’ll give you a second chance to do it. To help you, here are some clues: if you look at glass 7, the first glass to receive water from the tap, it has two pipes on the sides connected to glasses 5 and 6. So glass 7 is not the first one to fill. Also, Make sure all the hoses are working.

Did you find the right answer? That means you have good observation and analysis skills. Bravo, you are really a genius!

Look at the solution in picture if you were not able to guess the correct answer to this test.

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The solution


The first logic you need to have is that it is the pipe that is at a lower height that allows the glass downstream to be filled faster. But since the pipe leading to glass 5 is blocked, the first glass to receive water is glass 6, then 4. Thus, the glass that fills first is glass 4.

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