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How many animals do you see in the picture? Only 5% of people find them all in less than 20 seconds!

In addition to IQ tests, visual puzzles are also great ways to stimulate our minds and test our vision. However, your powers of observation are not the only skills at stake. To solve this challenge, you’ll also have to use your genius. Many people have tried to find the answer, but most have failed. Will you shine or lose like most of them? It’s up to you! Read on to see the result and to compare it to your own.

What are the instructions for passing this eye test?

The first step is to look carefully at the image below. It shows some people sitting, probably in a subway. Above, there are hidden animals. Your mission will be to determine the exact number of animals. Since no time limit has been set, you are allowed to think long and hard. However, keep in mind that the less time you take, the better.

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What is the point of doing this visual test?

There are several reasons to take this particular visual challenge. First and foremost, it is abouta challenge since many did not manage to solve it. Indeed, only a minority of people found the right answer. Second, this test is a great opportunity to evaluate our cognitive and visual abilities. And lastly, solving this puzzle will keep you entertained and reduce your stress considerably.

Answer: Here is the real number of animals in the picture

It is important to know that the animals are so well hidden in the picture that it is almost impossible to find them. If you look closely, these animals take different shapes to perfectly fit the bodies of the characters. Look at their hair, their hats and their clothes. Now start counting. If you have found 8 animalsthen you have found the right answer. Take a look at the image below to see the result.

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Did you find the right answer ?

We congratulate you if you have found the right answer. It means that you are a genius. This success also indicates that your sense of observation is very sharp. You are not easily influenced by deceptive appearances. Don’t hesitate to test your limits by doing even more complicated puzzles. For those who have failed, it’s okay. We suggest you take on other challenges to train your brain.

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