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How many more orange cubes are needed to completely surround the blue cube?

This visual challenge offers many benefits, including mental and physical. It is an opportunity to stimulate your neurons and improve your logic and observation skills. Riddle of the Day puts you in front of a cube of blue color that you will have to surround completely with the orange cubes.

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Presentation of the visual enigma

Solving this visual puzzle will develop your intellectual and visual skills. This test has been specially designed to entertain you while helping you develop new skills.

Today’s visual puzzle is in the form of a cube of two different colors: blue and orange. If you look closely, you will notice that the blue cube is surrounded by the orange cubes.

Your task will be to cover the blue cube in the middle completely with the orange cubes. To do this, the game asks you the number of cubes necessary to arrive there.


This is a tricky test that you can play with your friends, relatives or colleagues. The puzzle is very challenging and fun and can help you have a good time together. It also reduces your stress and helps to keep your brain active by stimulating your creativity.

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This riddle calls upon your sense of observation and deduction. The game does not require a time limitYou can take your time to think about how many cubes you need.

You still need to concentrate hard enough and put yourself in the right conditions to have all the chances on your side. Take the time to eliminate all sources of agitation and distractions that might get in the way.

Answer to the Visual Riddle

Were you able to guess the number of cubes needed to surround the blue cube? Congratulations! You surely have a sharp mind and a remarkable intelligence quotient. You also have a sharp sense of observation.

Take this opportunity to try some more fun and interesting challenges. The Internet is full of choices: visual IQ tests, math challenges and many more.

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If you haven’t been able to find the right answer, don’t be discouraged. You probably need a little more practice and concentration.

The answer to this visual puzzle in pictures.


To completely surround the blue cube, you need 22 orange cubes. Feel free to share this game on social networks to share with your friends.

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