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How many squares do you see in this picture?

Every day thousands of users search the internet for games, tests and puzzles to pass the time. These entertainments are very common and beneficial for the brain. Today, you will have the opportunity to test your visual and other abilities with these logic puzzles. They only require your intuition and reasoning. It’s your turn to play!

Do you like visual challenges? You’re in luck, because this time you’ll have to find all the squares that are hidden in the illustration. To do so, you will only have a time limit of 10 seconds. Can you do it? This puzzle is less complicated. Put aside all distractions and concentrate!

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En total hay 14 cuadrados en la imagen del acertijo visual.

Were you able to find the exact number of squares in this image? If after several seconds you have not been able to do so, then please find the solution in the following lines. You can also check with the answer if yours was correct.

The solution of the visual puzzle

If you count correctly, there are 15 squares in this illustration. Start by checking the ones that are colored green. You will find 5 small green squares. After that, continue with the pink colored squares. If you count carefully, you will usually notice 5 large pink squares. Then there are 4 more pink squares with smaller shapes. Finally, the large blue square. This makes a total of 15 squares in all contained in the image.

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Did you manage to find the squares in this picture?

Congratulations! Your answer was correct for this visual puzzle. You are a smart person since many people have failed this visual test. This quality will be extremely useful to you throughout your life.

However, if you couldn’t find the right answer or the exact number of squares in this illustration, don’t worry. We have a wide selection of logic puzzles like this. Just try again and have fun at the same time. Plus, there are many themes and topics to choose from. You can even start with less complicated puzzles and increase the difficulty level as you go along.

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