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How smart are you? Take this IQ test to find out!

Do you want to test your skills ? Do you like puzzles and riddles? Do you need a little stimulation? Then this IQ test we offer is perfect for you. The sooner you complete this challenge, the more exceptional your intellectual skills will be. What are you waiting for? Concentrate and start as soon as you feel ready.

What is this IQ test?

For this riddle, we will present you with a picture. In it, there will be a child sitting in a sandbox, while three adults, two women and one man, will stand behind the little boy. Your objective is to determine who is the mother or father of the boy. To do this, you will have to use your cognitive skills and your best assets. Indeed, solving this puzzle would prove that you are a true genius.

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Why is it important to take this kind of test?

To begin with, we remind you that nowadays it is possible to be online almost all the time and anywhere. Therefore, there is nothing to stop you from trying to solve a riddle or a puzzle whenever you want. Secondly, we would like to point out that this kind of test allows you to showcase your intellectual performance. It is therefore a good way to show or prove your intelligence to others. Finally, it is imperative to explain that IQ tests help to optimize the brain since they allow to identify and fight against concentration and memory problems.

It’s time to give your final answer!

The little boy’s mother is none other than the woman on the left of the picture! Did you manage to find it? If yes, then congratulations! You have the makings of a great genius.

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For the others, don’t worry. We’ll explain everything. To succeed in this challenge, you had to pay attention to details and use an analytical mind to come to a conclusion. Indeed, the woman on the right was holding a doll in her hand. The man in the middle brought a toy, again with a ribbon tied in a bow around it, and the woman on the left was standing next to a backpack with things needed for a baby inside. The little boy already had his toys with him. This eliminated the woman with the doll. As for the man, if he were the father, he would have given the toy to his son at home. This left only the woman on the left. Now the solution in picture.

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