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If your eyes are sharp, it shouldn’t be hard to spot more than one difference in a family photo.

Contrary to what people think, an IQ test is not limited to assessing your intelligence level. It also calls upon your vision, your analytical skills and your sense of observation. This is the purpose of the IQ test that we are going to propose to you today. This one is one of the most complicated. Would you still be able to succeed where many people have failed?

All you have to do is to look carefully at the two pictures of the family below. Then your task is to find the mistakes hidden in them. You won’t have time to think for very long as you will only have 30 seconds to solve the puzzle. Every second counts, so you need to concentrate as much as possible. Put aside any distractions that may interfere with your ability to solve this IQ test. It is even advisable to find a quiet, comfortable place to maximize your chances of success.

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Answer: Here are the differences between these two images

The first mistake is in the clothing of the girl with the pink shirt. On the picture on the left, she is wearing a short skirt and on the right, it is a long skirt. The second difference is on the hair of the man who is probably the father of the children. The last anomaly is in the hand of the little boy in yellow. The two skewers are not the same. Look at the photo below to see the differences more closely if they match the ones you found.

If you were able to spot the errors

Congratulations! You are really meticulous and observant. You are able to analyze a situation quickly and find out what is wrong. This is a quality that is not found in everyone and that you must maintain at all costs. You can say that nothing escapes you and you are very concerned about the smallest detail.

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If you missed the riddle

It also happens that you don’t do well on an IQ test. That’s okay because many people like you have also failed this puzzle. You probably just need a little practice. That’s why we invite you to take other challenges to get your brain used to it.

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