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IQ Test: Are you sure you’re a genius? Try to find all the numbers hidden in this picture in 13 seconds!

The IQ test we are presenting today is very interesting since it is both fun and challenging. This test will encourage your brain to guess the resolutions that are right in front of you. Without further ado, read this instruction to get started.

What you need to find

The illustration above shows a room containing toys. It may be a child’s room or a room where all the toys are stored.

Here is the list of items you can find there: a small snowman, a golden key, a teddy bear, a fan, an umbrella, wall dyes, a mirror, a cap, a pencil, a bird, a boat and a small duck.

There is also a shelf and a wooden table to store these accessories.

But what does all this have to do with the test? It’s simple: you have to find the numbers that are hidden in this room. You only have 13 seconds to do this.

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Hint: the numbers are hidden behind the toys in this room.


Have you identified the hidden numbers? How many have you managed to find so far?

Those with sharp eyes have probably already spotted all the numbers.

Without further ado, here is the solution to this riddle. It turns out that the numbers hidden behind the image are the numbers 1 to 9. We explain below how this is possible.

It’s simple! Each of the objects in this room imitates a particular number.

  • The number 1 looks like the pencil that is placed on the table.
  • The number 2 is imitated by the little duck on the shelf.
  • The number 3 takes the form of a flying bird.
  • The number 4 is identical to the sail of the boat.
  • The number 5 can be drawn with the shape of the key on the shelf.
  • The number 6 is in the mirror.
  • The number 7 is on the cap.
  • The number 8 mimics the body of the little snowman on the shelf.
  • Finally, the number 9 is formed by the decorative object on the table.
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Did you like this test? Feel free to browse our site to find other tests that are much more challenging. Plus, it helps your brain stay awake.

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