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IQ Test: Are you sure you’re thorough? You’ll have no trouble spotting Batman hiding among the cats.

Are you a meticulous person and have an eye for detail? If so, this concentration test will be a breeze for you. Indeed, this kind of test calls on your ability to focus on one element. You can get your hands on it as long as you stay focused.

What is expected of you?

First of all, we invite you to relax before taking this test. Although your brain is well stimulated, you should also take into account the playful side of this test. Otherwise, you will not enjoy it.

Now that you are well relaxed, here are the instructions for taking this IQ test.

This illustration shows a picture of a group of cats, there are at least a hundred felines in this picture. However, even if it seems impossible at first glance, Batman is also in this picture.

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If you are a thorough person, you will find it in no time. Look closely at the picture and you will find the answer soon. Beware, your time is running out! You only have 14 seconds to find it!

To help you, here’s a clue that would be very helpful. If you look at all the cats, they’re all grumpy. But Batman is always cheerful. You’ll understand, you have to look for the image of a hero who smiles a lot.


So, could you guess where Batman was hiding? He wasn’t that hard to find since he looked totally different from the other cats.

If you went over 14 seconds and still couldn’t find him, it means that you failed the test. Now we’ll give you the right answer so you don’t have to wait any longer.

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Batman hid himself so well that you had a hard time finding him. Yet his mask didn’t look like any of the cats around him. Batman’s mask is simply different. Did you catch that difference? If not, count 5 lines from the bottom and Batman is just to the right with his big vigilante mask.

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