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IQ Test: Assess your IQ with this equation in less than 15 seconds ? Balance the equation by moving only 2 matches

This is an IQ test for Einstein’s disciples, the mathematically challenged. Are you one of the elite? Your speed of thought will be an asset, because you will have only 15 seconds to solve it.

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The first thing to do is to look carefully at the image that follows. You will find on it an equation 1 +6=9. Your objective is to balance the equation on the image. To do this, you will have to move 2 matches to obtain the desired result. This test is reserved for people with a high intellectual capacity, as it must be completed in only 15 seconds. Therefore, take the time to prepare yourself before starting. Remove all distractions and concentrate thoroughly.

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Are you ready for this challenge?

Generally speaking, this challenge looks easy, but in reality, it requires a lot of thought. In fact, this is a test that requires you to solve a problem quickly, but not in a hurry. The key is concentration.

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In addition, it is one of the many exercises that allows you to improve your IQ, to evaluate yourself.

Answer: what was the match to move?

The starting equation was 1 +6=9. So which match should you move? Without further ado, here is the solution. In fact, you just need to turn the 6 into a 2 and the 1 into a 7. To do this, you had to move a match on the 1 to get the 7 and change the place of another match on the remaining 6 to get 2. Here is the solution to this puzzle.

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Did you solve the equation?

By passing this test, you have demonstrated that you have very high intelligence. You have the ability to make a quick decision in a stressful and urgent situation. Congratulations!

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However, if you failed, it does not mean that you are not smart. In fact, you simply lack practice and focus. Keep practicing.

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