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IQ Test: Can you count the number of 9S? This is the proof that you are a genius!

Ready for today’s challenge? Today, we propose you a rather difficult IQ test. It will test both your visual abilities, your concentration and your speed of thought! With this visual test, you will have the opportunity to prove that you are both intelligent and observant. Are you interested in this visual game? Now it’s your turn to play!

How many 9S are in this picture ?

The image below is composed of a series of 6S. Only, among these numbers are embedded “9S”. Your challenge will be to find and count all the 9S before the time runs out. To spice up this visual game even more, you only have 14 seconds to find them all! Will you be able to do it?

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You can also challenge your friends or family members in this IQ test.

The Visual Challenge Response

Now that the 14 seconds are up, it’s time to check if you have the right answers! Not only do you need to have the exact number of 9S present in the proposed image, but you also need to have the correct locations.

The solution

The difficulty that had to be overcome in this visual challenge was the similarity between the numbers 9 and 6, the color of the numbers, as well as the way, in which the numbers were arranged in the image. In total, there are actually 6 9S numbers in this image.

So, what is the verdict? If you managed to find them all, it means you are a real genius! You are a good observer and a meticulous person.

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If you failed the IQ test, it means that you need to practice to improve your visual and intellectual skills. It is possible that your weakness is in the speed of thinking. We invite you to practice with our visual challenges. Visit our site to find all types of IQ tests that will help you increase your visual and cognitive reflexes.

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