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IQ Test: Can you spot 3 differences between the pictures? You are smart if you can recognize them in 30 seconds.

As in any IQ test, this one tries to give you an idea about your intellectual abilities. The results are not absolute, but will allow you to test yourself. It consists in distinguishing the differences between two images. This makes it a vision test that you can easily solve if you have a good level of concentration and a fairly sharp eye. To find out, discover the principle of the test beforehand.

IQ test: the rules of the game

In this new challenge, you are asked to compare two images that are identical in appearance, but have some dissimilarities.

The two illustrations each depict a brother and sister accompanied by two charming birds. There are 3 differences between the two figures. What you have to do is to find them. You’ll have to be smart about it, because there’s a time limit. You will only have 30 seconds. So keep your eyes open if you want to succeed before the time runs out.

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Beforehand, you must get yourself in condition. This will allow you to have a sharper eye, a better overview of the image and, above all, a better level of concentration. To do this, try to gather your thoughts in a quiet place. Get away from all sources of distraction that could shake your attention.

IQ Test Answers

Despite your best efforts, were you unable to locate the three differences requested? This is not a concern. It simply means that you are not used to this kind of IQ test. If you want to next time, practice your brain. We have more than one IQ test that can help you improve your visual and cognitive skills.

In the meantime, allow us to deliver you the answers of this IQ test. This will help you to know the details that you missed.

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The first difference is in the tail of the white parakeet. It is slightly longer on a picture. Then look at the little green bird, perched on the little girl’s head. Look closely at its left wing. It has two distinct positions in the two pictures. The last difference is the boy’s feet. He is wearing different shades of shoes in both pictures.

Did this test stimulate you and entertain you in the process? If so, don’t hesitate to share your contentment with those around you. You can also invite them to take the challenge and test their personal abilities.

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