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IQ Test: Find the horse hidden in this wilderness to prove how smart you are

As usual, the following test will serve to test your visual abilities. It consists in finding an object in record time, that is to say in only a few seconds. It is undeniable that the skills are not identical in each individual. That’s why it’s time for you to test yours by taking this super easy visual IQ test. We show you all the steps in the following.

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This time you need to be thorough and gather all your observation skills. In the picture below, you have to detect a horse that is hidden in this wild forest. So, take a good look at the picture and be ready to find the horse in just 8 seconds. Take a timer with you to measure your time accurately.

So, are you going to be one of those people with eagle eyes? Check your answer with this solution that we reveal below. If not, take a look at this hint.

A little hint?

Pay more attention to the left side of the image and you’ll notice a more different color on the expanse of the desert. Is it done? Did you find the solution? Let’s check your answer together if it’s right.

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The answer: the exact location of the horse in the photo

For those of you who didn’t find it in the allotted time, the horse is hiding on the left side of the picture. As we told you in the clue above, it is a wild black horse standing next to a small tree. Did you see it? We’ve marked it in red so you can easily identify it.

Did you find the right answer?

Congratulations, you are very smart and meticulous. Nothing escapes you. Various tests of this kind are available and we invite you to show your visual abilities by trying more complex and difficult puzzles. Don’t hesitate to test your limit by doing other tests.

You couldn’t find the right answer?

Tests of this type can be complex for some people. But don’t worry, there are a variety of tests and quizzes waiting for you on the web. Try to explore your abilities by doing less difficult tests or with less time spread out. As you practice, you will develop more experience. This way, you can challenge the best participants.

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