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IQ test: Fraudsters guess who is not a firefighter! Reveal your analytical genius and foresight!

Your eyes and deduction have never fooled you? We have a new visual challenge to test your senses and logic. It is a visual puzzle that only people with lucid vision and analytical mind can solve in a short time. Think you can do it? Prove it!

Find out who the impostor is between these two firemen!

This visual puzzle allows you to find out if you are a good observer, if you have clairvoyant abilities and especially if you have the logic and deduction of a genius! Indeed, it’s all about observing details and interpreting them. These visual and intellectual abilities are then necessary!

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Are you ready for this visual challenge? Please observe the following image carefully. It shows a firefighting duo refueling their truck.

Photo credit: © Mambee

At first glance, nothing is wrong with this image. But one of these two firemen is actually an impostor! Take your time so you don’t miss any details in the picture, there is no time limit. However, you can take as much time as it takes to find the answer.

IQ test: the answers to the test

If you have arrived here, it means that you have guessed who is the impostor or not. We then reveal the solution of this visual riddle below to check your deduction.


In this image, the female firefighter is holding a match while the male firefighter is filling the tank of the fire truck with fuel. Many people have been tricked by the match. Indeed, one should not light a fire in a fuel station. However, what you should have noticed is that the tank itself is marked “WATER”. It says “WATER”. The man is filling the water tank of the fuel truck. Therefore, fireman 1 is an impostor!

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Photo credit: © Mambee

If you gave a correct answer, it means you are a good observer and have genius-like deduction skills! Congratulations!

Did you fail? Unfortunately, you still need to boost your intellectual skills! Don’t be discouraged, you can improve your analytical and observational skills through practice. Don’t miss any of our visual tests!

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