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IQ Test: How many differences are there between the images? Recognizing in 30 seconds proves you’re smart.

Do you consider yourself an intelligent person? If so, you will have no trouble identifying the difference(s) between these two illustrations. Only people with a great sense of thoroughness will be able to pass this test. However, you can also take this test for practice.


In today’s IQ test, there is an image of two cooks preparing a dish. The first cook is still cutting the ingredients. While his colleague is already tasting the cooking soup. He seems to enjoy this tasting.

As you can see, these illustrations look exactly alike. However, if you go through them with a fine-tooth comb, these images represent some dissimilarities that you need to find.

To identify them, you will have only 30 seconds. If you go over the time limit, you will be considered a loser.

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To spot these differences in a short time, you’ll need a lot of concentration. Are you up to the challenge? Let’s go !

Where are the differences?

Have you managed to guess the differences? You will have found them if you have the eyes of a good observer. However, you may not have been able to find where they were located. In this case, you can find it by looking at the circled parts in the image below.

There are three differences between these two images:

  • The first is in the ingredient that the cook was cutting. There is a difference in color.
  • The second difference is in the hair of the second cook. He has two locks in the second photo while he had only one in the first.
  • The last difference is in the content of the soup. On the first photo, we can still see some ingredients. However, they are no longer visible in photo #2.
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Next time, try to concentrate fully to make it easier to find the differences. Alternatively, invite friends to play with you to make the test even more interesting. Whoever gets the answers right in the shortest time will be considered the winner.

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