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IQ Test: How many holes do you see in the hat? Watch out for the trap!

Speed of thought is a real asset in everyday life. Indeed, it is essential to be able to react in time to the information you receive or perceive in order to make the right decisions and choices. Are you able to react quickly to the information that your eyes send you? That’s what we are going to test today! It’s up to you to prove that you can do it!

Visual test: “How many holes are there in the hat?”

In addition to exceptional thinking speed, you must also have good visual discrimination to solve this visual puzzle! How easy do you think it will be?

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Here’s your visual challenge: below, you’ll find a picture of a hat. You have 7 seconds to look at it carefully and count the number of holes in it.

Be careful, you are not allowed one second more nor to cheat. Therefore, before starting your timer, remember to concentrate as much as possible and to get away from any possible distractions. Are you ready? Now it’s your turn to play!

IQ test: the answer to the visual test

The 7 seconds are up! Do you think you have the right answer? Many people have given a random number. We hope that you didn’t rush to answer and that you had time to think carefully about your answer!

Here we reveal the solution to this IQ test:

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Actually, there are 3 holes in total on this hat! The first one is the one you can see directly by looking at the picture. The second one is on the other side, on the opposite side of the first hole because see for yourself, you can see the background of the picture through the hat. This implies that there is a hole on this side! Finally, the third hole is the normal hole that all hats have. That is, under the hat, where the head enters.

Congratulations if you found the right number, with the logical explanations of course! You were few to solve this visual test! If you didn’t guess the right answer, don’t worry. This test is really difficult. However, if you want to improve your visual-cognitive skills, remember to practice regularly! Boost your visual and cognitive reflexes with other visual challenges!

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