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IQ Test: If you are really a genius and meticulous, try to find a hidden bat in 20 seconds!

Are you a visual game lover or do you just want to test your vision and intelligence in a fun visual challenge? In any case, today’s test is for you! You will have to spot a well camouflaged animal to prove that you are a good observer and that you are a meticulous person. If you are, you’ll have no trouble passing this test. Read the instructions and try to solve this visual puzzle!

Can you find the bat hidden in the tree?

How to do this IQ test ? You must focus all your attention on the given image in order not to miss any details. Therefore, you must use your eagle vision, because the task will not be !

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In the image below, you will see a picture of a tree. Somewhere in its branches is a bat. Your challenge will be to find this animal.

To do this, you only have 20 seconds. So, arm yourself with concentration, patience and your lynx vision for the next few seconds!

IQ Test : The answer to the visual challenge

That’s it, the 20 seconds are up. It’s time to check your answer and prove that you really are a meticulous and intelligent person. So here is the correct answer to today’s visual challenge:

The solution

Good observers may have spotted the bat on the right side of the photo, perched head down on one of the tree branches. Did you know that this way of sleeping is an avoidance strategy against predators? In the following image, it is circled so that you can see it well.

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If you have found the bat before the 20 seconds are up, then you have just proved your genius. You are an intelligent and meticulous person who also has exceptional thinking speed!

If, on the other hand, you failed this visual test, unfortunately, it means that you were not thorough enough. Don’t worry, you can become one by practicing regularly. Fortunately, you can practice in a fun way with our different visual challenges. So don’t hesitate to find IQ and observation tests on our site and share them with your friends and family!

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