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IQ Test: If you pay attention, you’ll know these 3 differences between office workers

The purpose of today’s IQ test is to give you a glimpse of your cognitive ability. Many people failed to solve it. Only the most attentive and intelligent managed to find the right answer. How well do you do?

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The first thing you need to do is look carefully at the pictures below. Your task is then to discover the three differences between the two pictures.

They represent the interior of a public transportation during the covid. If you are really smart, 15 seconds will be enough to solve this IQ test. So you will need a lot of concentration. So don’t let yourself be distracted easily by outside things.

Answer: the 3 differences in the two images

Look at the mask that the woman is wearing. On the two pictures, it is different. The second mistake is in the old man’s tie. If on the first illustration, it flanks to the left, on the second one it slants more or less to the right. The last difference can be seen in the hanging handle held by the man in the middle. Look at the image below to see if you have found the right answer. The solutions have been circled in red.

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Were you able to spot the 3 errors in less than 15 seconds?

If you were able to spot the 3 differences between the two given images in a few seconds, it means you are smart. You are not only able to concentrate and pay attention in a short period of time. If it took you more than 15 seconds, it means that you are still on the right track. However, if you were unable to complete the test, you will need to practice.

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Whether or not you passed this puzzle, we recommend that you test your limits by taking other challenges. On our site, several types of IQ tests with different themes are available. Don’t hesitate to encourage your friends and family to solve the problems with you. You will be able to have a good time together. Moreover, by practicing other challenges, you will sharpen your mind.

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