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IQ Test: Look carefully at this picture and find the 3 differences.

The personality test is interesting in that it allows you to know personality traits that allow you to be more reactive to certain situations, such as danger. However, to achieve the objective, it is important to have visual and mental agility. With this image challenge, allowing to discern 3 differences between these 2 pictures of children playing balls, it is necessary to work on the capacity of observation, concentrating well and not letting oneself be diverted.

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The 3 differences to find

The image represents a mother and her 2 children playing at the beach. You have to distinguish the 3 differences after 15 seconds. The first difference is the color of the ball that the mother is throwing. The second difference is the collar of the boy, making his neck invisible. Finally the third difference is on the hand of the mother. To find the 3 differences, it is important to observe the details of each picture.

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Photo credit : © Radiotips

It is a fun mental activity that allows you to do brain exercises, test the abilities by concentrating well. Depending on the careful observer, there are those who find the right answers quickly, in less than 15 seconds. Some will not see all the right answers and others will take a little longer to identify them.

A good observer

If you found the 3 differences quickly, you have a nimble mind and are able to see the differences no matter how unnoticeable they are. You are the kind of person who takes personal development seriously. You are constantly looking for ways to improve yourself and things, to achieve your goals. If, on the other hand, you have not found the 3 differences, it is important to work on them, focusing on concentration.

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What interests you?

An observation test not only evaluates your observation skills but also your intelligence. Indeed, the visual test evaluates your level and how good you are at finding the answer. The difference with other tests is that this test is both fun and entertaining. From time to time, it is important to use your brain to acquire the right reflexes. 15 seconds to find the 3 differences gives 5 seconds for each difference. The faster the brain is trained to react, the faster it will find the differences even if they are small. As you level up and play more challenging observation challenges, you will have no trouble finding several differences in record time.

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