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IQ Test: Only a GENIE can solve this new riddle: Who is a man?

This visual riddle is the most popular on our site. Why? It is said that only a small group of people were able to give the right answer on the first try. Can you break this streak in this viral challenge?

Who is a man in this puzzle?

In this visual exercise, you will see 3 models posing for a photo, but one of them is a man. Who is he? You only have 7 seconds to find the answer – we wish you all the luck in the world!

Do not forget that this type of activity helps you to improve your visual ability and level of concentration to solve conflicts in a short time. In this case, specialists recommend looking for similar cases.

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Find out who the man is in this puzzle.

Didn’t get it? Don’t worry, we’ve solved the case for you here. Answer: the man is in the center of the picture, because he has a very wide calf compared to the other ladies.

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