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IQ test: Only for observers! Can you spot 3 differences between these two photos of happily married people?

Are you bored alone at home and want to entertain yourself? Why not test your intelligence level? Challenge yourself with fun and instructive games. We all have a different IQ, discover yours through this test that will take you only a few seconds.

Here are the rules and instructions of the game

The game is simple and complicated at the same time. It is presented in the form of a puzzle. There is a picture where you can see two happy newlyweds. The test consists then in observing carefully the two photos to distinguish 3 differences. The characters are the same, as well as their colors, their shapes, their place. However, some details differ, it’s up to you to notice them. The speed with which you find the solution shows your intellectual capacities.

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Photo credit: © Radiotips

Here is what you need to do

The instructions are more complex than usual. This is the time to prove that you are different from the others and that you have a sharp vision. The two images to be observed are almost identical. Many have failed. Only the best succeed. So, pay close attention to the very subtle details and look at every corner of the picture. The mistake not to make is to overlook something. To spice things up, you are given only 15 seconds to succeed.

Answer: here are the locations of the 3 differences in the photo

The solution to pass the test is to adopt a sharper and therefore more efficient look. To do this, there is a trick: use only one eye to optimize the visual capacity. We analyze both images.

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Photo credit: © Radiotips

Did you pass this IQ test?

The fact that you found the 3 differences in the picture in a few seconds shows how observant you are. You care about every detail and you don’t let anything get away from you. In addition, you also have great analytical skills. However, for those of you who have failed, we recommend that you take on other challenges to sharpen your mind and get your brain used to it.

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