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IQ Test: Put your intelligence to the test by choosing the richest Japanese women and win

This is an extremely difficult IQ test that is mostly for those who have a good general knowledge. Are you one of them? Your intelligence level will depend on how long it takes you to complete this IQ test. It’s up to you!

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Look at the picture of two Japanese women below. Your task is to find out which of them is richer. You can take as long as you need to solve this puzzle, as there is no time limit.

Photo credit: © Fabiosa

However, you still need to focus well. Don’t let outside distractions get in the way. Continue reading to see if your answer is correct.

Some clues to help you find out who is the richest

Focus on what the two women are wearing. It is also wise to observe what they eat. These elements can be useful in determining who is richer. Also, remember that an excellent general knowledge is needed to solve this puzzle. So did you succeed? How long did it take you to solve it?

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Answer to the riddle

The woman on the left is richer than the woman on the right. The reason for this is that the woman is eating white rice. You have to know that only aristocrats or wealthy people can afford this kind of rice. While the poor are used to eating red rice which is cheaper. However, it is more complete and healthy than white rice.

Photo credit: © Fabiosa

Did you manage to find the right answer ?

If you were able to get the answer right in less than a minute, it means that you are very intelligent. It also indicates that you are an educated person. This is a quality that only a limited number of people have. If it took you more than a minute to solve this puzzle, then you need to practice even more. So we invite you to try other challenges on our site. Start with the easier challenges and work your way up.

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