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IQ Test: Really hard! Sharpen your mind by figuring out what’s wrong with this picture of two birds.

The harder an IQ test is, the more skill and ability it requires to solve it. For today’s challenge, you will need not only a high level of concentration, but also a good general knowledge. Your sense of observation and analysis is not to be outdone. It’s up to you!

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All you have to do is look carefully at the image below. It represents the outside of a small cabin in the middle of winter. Your mission is to find the anomaly hidden in this picture.

You have 30 seconds to come up with the right answer to this visual challenge. Concentrate as much as you can to give yourself the best chance to succeed. Continue reading to see if your solution is similar to the one in the game.

The different clues to find what’s wrong with this picture

You will not only need concentration and intelligence to solve this extremely difficult challenge. A great deal of culture will also be required. Indeed, at first sight, everything seems normal on the photo. It is to believe that it does not present any anomaly. This is one of the reasons why this puzzle is difficult. It will be necessary to observe and analyze well to solve it.

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Answer of the enigma Swallows migrate in winter. Therefore, they are not supposed to be present in the picture.

If you have found the anomaly present on the photo

You have not only a good general knowledge, but also a great capacity of concentration. You deserve to be called “the genius” or “the observer”. Keep in mind that you have succeeded where many people have failed. There is always room for even more complicated challenges to test your brain.

If you didn’t get the answer right

Since this is an extremely difficult IQ test, you are not the only one who failed. Many people have also been there and done that. Be aware that it is always possible to learn skills and refine certain abilities. This is one of the reasons why we offer you other challenges on our site to train yourself.

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