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IQ test: Very difficult level, only a genius can spot the 3 differences in these passenger pictures. Prove it!

We have a way to entertain you while stimulating your neurons: a visual test! It’s the difference game. While having fun comparing pictures, you will work on your sense of observation. But the challenge of the day is more complicated. Indeed, not all the people who tried it came out as winners. Only the smartest ones succeeded. Do you think you can do it?

Find the 3 differences inside this bus

It is important to know that geniuses are not only endowed with high intellectual capacities. They are also endowed with exceptional visual performances. If you think you are one, then you must use your visual acuity and discrimination in addition to your thinking speed to prove it by solving this visual riddle.

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Look very carefully at the image below. It shows two identical pictures of passengers inside a bus. You must find 3 differences hidden in these pictures.

There are a lot of people on this bus. So, take your time to concentrate for the next 10 seconds. You only have 10 seconds to observe and identify these errors!

IQ Test: Test Answers

Were the 10 seconds enough for you to solve this test? If you failed, don’t be discouraged! Continue to take visual challenges like this to stimulate your observation skills, thinking speed and vision. Indeed, visual games are great for increasing your skills.

If you have found the right answers, congratulations! You are a true genius with eagle vision and a keen sense of observation. Don’t hesitate to share your achievement with your friends and family. Invite them to take this IQ test so that your friends, family and colleagues can try it and find out their level of intelligence.

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For those who did not find the differences, we reveal the solution below.


The first error was easy enough to spot. It is the hand of the passenger on the right in the front. Then the next difference is the color of the passenger’s pants in the second row on the left, they are gray in the second image. Finally, the last mistake is the bus itself; look at the top right, there is a detail missing.

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