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IQ Test: Want to be considered a genius? Try to match the picture of the boat below with the one in color.

Would you like to know the extent of your thinking and coping skills? Do you want to know how good your visual skills are? Take this IQ test to find out. The goal is to find the pair of identical boats. You must have good observation skills to hope to find the right answer to this test. Do you think you have what it takes to succeed? If so, find out what you need to do below.

Passing the IQ Test: What you’ll need to do

In this new IQ test, you have an image on which are represented three ships: one in color and two in black and white. At first glance, the 3 ships look similar. However, don’t let appearances fool you. Only one of the black and white ships is a perfect shadow of the colored one. Your mission will be to find the identical boat.

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For this test, we do not impose any time limit because of its difficulty. We invite you to keep your eyes open and be patient to pass this IQ test. You must be sufficiently concentrated to hope to find the right ship. You need to be in condition to compare the three ships and give the correct solution. The less time you take on this challenge, the more it will prove your keen observation skills.

For those who didn’t pass, here is the answer to the IQ test

If you were able to solve this visual challenge quickly and correctly, it stands to reason that you have high intelligence. If you didn’t, don’t worry. You simply need to train your eyes and your brain. You need to condition your abilities by trying other IQ tests. We have more than one in stock. Feel free to discover them and practice.

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But before that, discover the answer of this IQ test: the black and white ship which is the exact copy of the colored ship. It seems very difficult because the figures are all very similar.

If you look closely, the boat on the right is a perfect shadow of the colored one. If you look at the right end of each ship, you will see the difference.

If this IQ test has given you an invigorating experience, don’t hesitate to share your feelings with those around you by offering them to solve it in turn. It will be a good excuse to spend some quality time together and, above all, to test their visual abilities and intelligence.

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