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IQ Test: Which men do you think reject women by their body language?

Intellectual ability is often associated with the way we perceive everything around us. It is also directly related to the way we analyze situations. This is why this IQ test that we are going to propose to you has been designed. Will you give the right answer?

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Look at this photo of three men, each with a different posture. Your task is to determine which of them rejects women by their body language. There is no need to rush because there is no time limit. Therefore, think deeply and concentrate. Be aware that you will only be allowed one try. Place yourself in a quiet, comfortable place to complete this IQ test.

The man with his hands on his waist (number 1)

This posture is not the fruit of chance. It unconsciously sends a signal to women. It means in other words that women can have it completely. It is in a way an invitation.

The man in the suit (number 2)

Holding the tie clearly indicates that the man is confident. He wants to be seen by women as attractive and charismatic. This explicitly means that he is letting women into his life.

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The cross-legged man (number 3)

This is a selfless attitude as these legs are crossed and his body is bent. This shows that he does not want a woman or another person to enter his life. So this posture is the solution to this riddle.

The right answer Man number 3. It is obvious that he is the one who does not accept any person to enter his life.

Did you find the right answer?

The fact that you answered this question correctly shows that you are a very intelligent person. You have an above-average IQ. However, if you did not succeed, then it is better to take other challenges to train yourself. There are several on our site and you can start with the easiest ones.

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