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IQ Test: Which of the two men is lying? Help the authorities find the restaurant vandal!

This IQ test is a visual puzzle that will challenge your observation skills. It will test your analytical skills. If you are good at deduction and reasoning, this visual test will be a breeze for you!

Which of these two men destroyed the restaurant?

Having good reasoning helps you get a better grasp of reality and understand the facts. Today, you must use inductive and deductive reasoning to quickly solve this visual puzzle. Can you do it?

When you are ready, look at this picture of two men arguing. They are both adamant that they had nothing to do with the destruction of the restaurant. It is clear that they do not want to be prosecuted by the authorities. However, one of them must be the one responsible. Therefore, you must find out who is lying and who is innocent! To do this, you must find the evidence of the guilt of one of these men. It’s up to you!

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To spice up the game a bit, calculate how long it took you to solve this puzzle! If you can answer correctly in less than 10 seconds, it means you’re a thorough person.

IQ Test: Test Answers

Did you guess who lied between these two men? Congratulations! You have a good reasoning and an undeniable sense of observation. If you answered in less than 10 seconds, congratulations, because you have a meticulous mind!

If, on the other hand, you didn’t manage to give the right answer, we’ll reveal the solution below. Also, don’t forget that your skills are developed through practice.


The liar is the man on the right, the one in the blue shirt. He is the owner of the blue car that is responsible for the damage in the restaurant. How can we prove it? Well, look at the tire tracks in front of the place, they look like the ribs on the wheels of the blue car! We have our culprit!

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